Workwear on a tablet

31 December 2015

The UPM Kuusankoski paper mill is trialling a new tablet application for workwear users. The application is provided by workwear supplier Lindström.

With this application, UPM’s employees can review their workwear selection, send a repair request to the laundry service provider, remove unnecessary garments from use, file a report if a garment is not returned from the service provider and give feedback on the garments and service. Five tablets on stands have been installed in the personnel changing rooms, and each employee has received personal log-in details. In addition to tablets, the application can be used on smartphones and computers.

The workwear application is currently in test use by UPM. With it, Lindström, UPM’s textile service supplier, is looking for ways to utilise digital solutions in their services and create channels through which workwear end-users can communicate directly with the service provider. To be effective, the system needs to be easy to use and readily available. Tablets equipped with touch-screens are a convenient way to manage workwear-related issues before going home for the day.

Satisfied users

Users are happy with the opportunity to send repair requests through the application. Some issues may not be visible in the service provider’s routine checks and are only noticed when the garment is in use. With the tablet, users can also review their workwear selection, see the last time a garment was repaired and return unnecessary garments.

Sami Talvela

Service assistant Sini Aalto is in charge of workwear in the UPM Kymi mill and acts as a contact person between UPM personnel and Lindström. “The application saves me time as well, since employees can now check their workwear situation and report repair needs themselves. The application is also a handy tool for me to see when each garment was last repaired.”

“I especially like the possibility of reporting required repairs directly via the application. I check the garment’s code from its tag and send a repair request straight to the laundry service. In the past, I needed to do that through Sini, so this is clearly more convenient. It is also nice to be able to check that I have all the garments that I am entitled to and remove the ones I do not need”, says Sami Talvela from the Kymi mill maintenance.

“This is the first time that we have had direct daily contact with our end-users, so we have high expectations”, says Marjut Kotonen, Business Development Manager at Lindström. “The trial period has already proved that the application saves time for both ourselves and our clients. Direct contact between end-users and textile care services simplifies the workflow, but before now we have been missing efficient tools for it. I believe that applications like this will be an integral part of textile services in the future.”

UPM Biofore

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