What could be the symbol for Biofore in China? – China’s top designers and design students are working on it!

Elisa Nilsson
Elisa Nilsson
Vice President, Brand and Communications
7 May 2015
Biofore Awards China

Biofore crystallizes the transformation of the modern forest industry in a single word. It is a concept that paints an inspiring vision of a better future for all of us. By this I mean a world where we’re no longer so dependent on non-renewable, fossil-based fuels and materials.

This vision – and indeed the entire Biofore concept – is well manifested in the Biofore Concept Car. The award-winning car has quickly become the symbol for Biofore in Europe. And even more, it has become the embodiment of the transformation of the forest industry on our continent.


In the Biofore Concept Car, many traditionally plastic parts were replaced with UPM’s innovative, high-quality renewable materials. This car is truly a fine example of Biofore thinking in action.

What could be the symbol of Biofore in China? The symbol that represents the transformation of the modern forest industry in this huge country. A country that dazzles with its sheer size and scale – and with the richness of its cultural heritage.

We will soon find out! UPM has just recently announced a design contest in cooperation with Tongji University Sino-Finnish Centre. The Biofore Awards China 2015 is a contest for high-end designers and design students from China’s top design schools. Their task is to create a symbol that captures the core of our Biofore strategy.

What can we expect to see? How will they approach the challenge? What kind of visions will the best creative minds and talents bring forth?

This is not an ordinary task as we’ve given very little limitations to their creativity.
We’re looking for something exciting, inspiring and relevant. A powerful idea that resonates with Biofore!

What will that idea be? And who will go way with the 20 000 RMB first prize?

I can hardly wait!


For more information about the contest, please visit www.bioforeawardschina.upm.com.

PS. The deadline for the first round of the contest is 31st May. I’ll keep you posted.

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