UPM YoungFore strengthens fellow feeling across departments and businesses

17 September 2015
UPM YoungFore

A breathe of fresh air is flowing through the organizational structure at the Biofore House in Helsinki. UPM YoungFore is a new community for all UPM employees wishing to connect with their colleagues from different departments, teams, functions, generations and businesses. The driving force behind the community is two master’s thesis workers Johanna Järvinen and Maria Puustinen.

“When we started working for UPM we noticed a need for a community like this. One so easily gets into a routine at work, only being in contact with one’s own team. The community we are building aims at UPM personnel connecting better with one another across organizational boundaries”, say founding members of UPM YoungFore, Järvinen and Puustinen.

UPM YoungFore will be organizing activities on a biweekly basis. Plans have been made for an educational trip to the forest, after work events and a game of beach volley for example.

“UPM has a long history as a company and this of course reflects on the organizational structure. YoungFore has a good chance at shaking things up a bit. The aim is to help all of us better notice each other and all the collaboration possibilities inside UPM, and of course strengthen our fellow feeling”, says Puustinen.

The UPM YoungFore story will start in Helsinki and hopefully continue to grow in other cities and countries. “Eventually we hope to build an international network for all UPM employees and connect with other organizations like ours”, says Järvinen.

Saara Töyssy

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