Supply Chain did go Mobile: tracking application the winning solution in Junction

Iina Koukku
Iina Koukku
Communications Trainee, UPM
28 November 2016

Junction, Europe’s leading hackathon, was held on November 25th‒27th in Wanha Satama, Helsinki. During 48 hours, teams of hackers and designers competed in creating the best hack in 11 different tracks ranging from virtual reality and IoT to healthcare and fintech. UPM shared the IoT track with JCDeaux and Futurice, and the track was the most popular of all with 650 applications. There were 13 teams competing on UPM’s challenge and 1,500 people altogether in the event.

UPM participated a hackathon for the first time, and we had Tieto and IBM supporting us with the challenge. The experience was brilliant and the hackers came up with plenty of valuable and executable solutions. The winner of UPM’s track was project FindMyPaperRoll that presented a mobile solution for tracking paper deliveries.

“We were most interested in the IoT track from the beginning. We are Industrial engineering management students, so we are on the way of becoming Supply Chain Management experts, therefore we preferred UPM’s case to the others”, explains the winning team.

The second prize went to IOG Scouts presenting a solution to the same challenge with a different approach. The third prize went to team KUPI that was tackling the data analysis challenge.


Does someone need a power strip? (Photo: Heli Aalto)


Our green hoodies were desired by all – and the UPMhackers were easily spotted! (Photo: Heli Aalto)


UPMhack crew is ready for Junction!


Monty Widenius, the creator of MySQL, gave an inspirational speech during the opening ceremony on Friday 25th.


CIO Turkka Keskinen introduced UPM and Biofore to Junction audience.


On Friday, UPMhack coaches met curious developers and hackers who wanted to know more details of Reframing the Supply Chain.


Coach Virve Räty helping answer questions.


Hackers worked hard during the weekend to impress our jury with their solutions.


UPMhack crew discussing the progress. (Photo: Dasha Agafonova)


Hacker practicing pitching to Tieto’s crew.


Pitching material.


Pitching material and easy solution to track paper.


Jury hearing a pitch.


FindMyPaperRoll won our challenge.


Three best teams of #UPMhack IoT track.


Thank you Junction!


Main photo: Johannes Terhemaa

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