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8 June 2015
Kauneus ja kestävyys kohtaavat

The UPM ProFi decking system is available in two style ranges and 14 colours.

The Finnish forest industry is a trailblazer in the use of renewable energy sources, as well as the development and manufacture of products related to the bioeconomy.

Environmentally friendly UPM ProFi composite decking, based on innovative use of recycled raw materials, is a fine case in point. The high quality decking system combines beauty and low maintenance in two style ranges and 14 colours. The UPM ProFi Design Deck range offers a fresh and modern new style, while the UPM ProFi Classic range comes with the same look and feel as the natural hardwood deck. UPM ProFi Veranda is the latest novelty in the UPM ProFi Classic range.

UPM ProFi Veranda is a premium composite decking. As with all UPM ProFi products, it has a unique low-maintenance surface with superior stain resistance. The boards feature a natural hardwood look and texture, and withstand the rigours of any climate. UPM ProFi Veranda is designed in Finland and manufactured in Germany. Patented composite technology provides stain resistance superior to that of traditional brushed wood-plastic or wood decks. The cellulose fibres are fully encapsulated in plastic and are further protected by a top layer of high-performance biocomposite UPM Formi.

Manufactured using lignin-free cellulose fibre, UPM ProFi Veranda offers excellent colour durability. Lignin is the natural wood molecule that causes wood and other cellulose fibre to turn grey when exposed to sunlight. Designed in Finland, the decking offers outstanding cold weather tolerance. Due to its very low water absorption, it can be installed at a zero degree incline.

UPM ProFi Veranda consists mainly of recycled raw materials

The principal raw materials are specially selected cellulose fibres and clean plastic polymers, which are industrial byproducts that would otherwise end up in landfill or the incinerator. Being non-toxic, the composite can be incinerated or disposed of in household waste or recycled when it reaches the end of its long lifecycle.

“Many end-users want the natural beauty of hardwood decking without the worries of maintenance. UPM ProFi Veranda offers a visually appealing yet user-friendly decking solution for outdoor terraces that will last for years to come,” says Markku Koivisto, Vice President, UPM Biocomposites.

UPM ProFi Veranda high-performance decking comes in a shade of Brazilian Walnut. Silver Ash will complete the range later this year. The decking has a reversible surface, with fine grooves on one side and embossed stripes on the other. Dark streaks and veins add natural accents to both sides of the profile. Please visit to check your nearest distributor.

UPM ProFi Veranda fast facts:
• solid, two-sided profile
• part of UPM ProFi Classic Deck range

• Brazilian Walnut, Silver Ash

Size of board:
• 25mm x 140mm

• biocomposite, main raw material recycled paper and plastic

• luxurious hardwood finish
• superior stain resistance
• zero degree incline possible
• recycled and recyclable
• good friction, wet or dry
• high impact strength

• regular cleaning with water and brush

• 15 years

Kati Heikkonen

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