Renewing industry standards, sustainability improvements come as bonus

27 October 2015

The next generation of label solutions need to be optimal in performance, allow greater productivity and improve the sustainability of the overall value chain.

As part of the Biofore Company’s proactive initiative to transform sustainability into competitive advantage, UPM Raflatac set out to introduce a high performance product line that offers sustainable labeling solutions for specific end-uses.

The result: The Fit range.

The Fit range introduces very competitive solutions for retail, food, logistics, and home care labelling. Not only are the solutions optimized in performance, they provide extensive benefits in productivity and sustainability. The Fit labelstock products bring you more labels per reel, which results in less reel changes and downtime in self-adhesive label converting. And that equals saved time and more convenience for employees.

Thinner structure also lowers storage and transportations costs, and putting all this together; savings go straight into profitability and workplace satisfaction.

If the Fit range excels in boosting productivity, it does equally good job at improving environmental performance, including the PEFC certification.

To assess your labelling value chain, please visit UPM Raflatac’s website for more information.

UPM Biofore

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