Puustelli kitchen and UPM Formi

9 October 2015

Puustelli Group manufactures furnishing for homes at its production facilities in Finland. For years Puustelli kitchens have been the Finnish market leader. The company is internationalizing rapidly. Currently Puustelli kitchens are exported to Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries.

upm-formi-puustelliPuustelli has developed a comprehensive environmental programme that is scrupulously followed at every phase of their production and supply chain. Their latest initiative was very ambitious: they wanted to revolutionise the manufacture of kitchen fittings. That´s where UPM Formi biocomposite played a major role.

The benefits of using the innovative biocomposite raw material in the injection moulded kitchen fitting frames are manifold: firstly, a composite frame is almost 50% lighter than chipboard meaning lower transport costs and increased energy savings. It cuts the carbon footprint in half!

Secondly, it is much stronger and more resistant to stress and moisture — with a 30 year warranty to back it up.

Puustelli intends to remain at the forefront in the development of a more environmentally responsible furniture industry. With the help of UPM Formi biocomposite that objective is easier to reach.

UPM Formi is a revolutionary material!

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