Presents under the tree

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UPM Blog
22 December 2015

Christmas has again found its way to us. Some of us have started our holiday preparations in October – the presents bought in kind summer breezes and the traditional Christmas menu ready for action in an Excel chart built in a unified effort of the whole family and all relations. Others fetch the ingredients for their holiday sushi feast on the previous day from the grocery store or restaurant nearby. One simple Christmas ornament is hung on the door.

To both parties Christmas comes on time and wholly. It’s appearance guided by tradition, life-values and situation.

The holiday season means different things to each one of us and still manages to unite us all in one way. The Christmases past, present and future and the people present in those Christmases come powerfully alive in our memories each year. And year after year the real magic of Christmas is created by the thought “In what way can I delight these people around me?”

Again this year we at UPM have been sharing the presents we have found under the tree, and in the forest in general. It is already a tradition of us to donate a sum of money to a Finnish organization concentrating on helping young people in continuing their hobbies during financially challenging times in their families. The organization helps with sports club tuitions, pays for music lessons or high school books for example. The UPM employees also buy presents in the Christmas Tree Collection for children in families that have trouble with the financial burden that Christmas can also mean.

UPM wishes a peaceful and merry Holiday Season to all of our employees and partners. Let’s work together again next year to delight and support each other and the world around us.

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