New uses for UPM Formi

30 September 2015

2013 saw many new uses for UPM Formi biocomposite material.

One of the world’s most well-known high-quality speaker manufacturers, the Finnish company Genelec, uses UPM Formi in their new speaker model. The material is easy to mould and has excellent acoustic features. One of the key goals for Genelec was to find a sustainable material that would also guarantee pure audio quality.

The kitchen fitting manufacturer Puustelli Group developed, in co-operation with UPM, kitchen fitting frame components that increase the utilisation of renewable natural fibres and reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint by 35–45%.

“The new UPM raw material will revolutionise the manufacturing of kitchen fittings and also enable the frames to be recycled. The lighter weight of the material also means lower transport costs and increased energy savings”, says managing director Jussi Aine of Puustelli.

With UPM Formi, up to 50% of oil-based plastics can be replaced with renewable wood-based fibres. The advantage of the wood-based fibres in addition to the lower carbon foot print are that the stiffness and strength of the material increase remarkably. Wood fibers are also certified to ensure that the wood originates from sustainably managed forests.

In 2013, UPM Formi biocomposite material won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for the plastic industry in China.

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