Co-operation drives wellbeing at work

9 July 2015
Co-operation drives wellbeing at work

UPM Plywood case: UPM Kalso veneer mill in Kouvola, Finland has focused on the development of leadership, management skills and solution-oriented decision-making, and the results are beginning to show.

The changes have been driven by rapid changes in the veneer business, personnel reductions and concern for the mill’s future, which could be seen in the Employee Engagement Survey feedback.

The mill identified relevant development areas in workshops and created clear action plans based on theCo-operation drives wellbeing at workm.

The business and mill management team, together with the employees, began to systematically change old practices and fix identified issues. From the beginning, shop stewards had a significant role in the improvement of the work environment and wellbeing of the employees.

The main action points for the mill were the development of multiple skills and job rotation. Changes were made to meeting practices and content, decision-making, information flow and communication. In addition, the mill has focused on improving people management, working conditions and wellbeing reviews. They are also testing a new shift plan.

The results of the Employee Engagement Survey in 2014 were significantly better than the year before, showing that the 120 employees at the mill are now more committed and want to actively improve their workplace. The work climate has improved and general confidence has increased.

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