Bioforum opens for art!

Elisa Nilsson
Elisa Nilsson
Vice President, Brand and Communications
17 November 2014

UPM is a collector and guardian of a substantial art collection. For all of us art enthusiasts at UPM, it is simply wonderful. We get to admire some real masterpieces at work as an employee benefit.

Everyone experiences art in a personal manner. However, I think that art, like all other uplifting and inspiring experiences, is best when it is shared and enjoyed in good company. Art in all of its forms is a very social thing.

That’s why I am so happy to invite all of you to enjoy an inspiring art exhibition with us in the newest art gallery in Helsinki. Bioforum is an exciting multi-functional space here in Biofore House. It is the perfect venue for art. Now it opens for contemporary art on November 19th welcoming all friends of art to admire an exhibition that portrays – quite appropriately indeed – beautiful paintings of pieces of wood!

The Brazilian artist Isabella Cabral uses pieces of wood in her oil paintings to tell stories in birchbark and paint layers.

Two series are at display under the same theme Worlds apart, united in wood. The Fennica-series with its white pieces of birch originates from the country of white summer nights and snow, Finland. In the Rio Negro series old painted pieces of wood jaded by water tell about their history in the boats of mariners in Brazil. (An interesting curiosity: Brazil was discovered for Europeans by a seafarer named Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500).

The exhibition Worlds apart, united in wood by Isabel Cabral is on display in Bioforum from 19.11. to 14.12.2014. The exhibition will be open also on Saturdays so why not take your weekend stroll to Töölönlahti and pop by for an artistic experience.

Bring your family and friends along. Art, like all other good things in life, are best when they are shared!

Isabella Cabral: Ilmarinen (FENNICA 1 - 5), 95 x 105 cm, oil on canvas, 2013
Isabella Cabral: Ilmarinen (FENNICA 1 – 5),
95 x 105 cm, oil on canvas, 2013

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