A pioneer in climate issues

30 January 2015

Climate issues are a key part of UPM’s Corporate Responsibility, and the company has determinedly attempted to reduce its emissions in the long term.

“In addition to traditional methods, we have developed new innovations, such as renewable wood-based biofuels that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traffic,” says Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President, UPM Environment.

First-class performance in the climate field

Some 67% of the fuels used by UPM are biomass-based and 78% of the electricity produced by UPM is CO²-neutral. In the past decade, UPM has invested more than EUR 1 billion in the production of biomass-based energy and heat.

Furthermore, UPM has continued to improve the energy efficiency of its mills, which has decreased the consumption of electricity per tonne of paper produced by 20% in the past 10 years. UPM uses the best available technology at all of its production facilities.

This approach has been deemed successful in, for example, the Climate Performance Leadership index published by the international non-profit organisation CDP. UPM was the only paper and forest industry company to reach the full 100 points on the A list of the index in 2014.

Environmental awareness is profitable

CDP’s CEO Paul Simpson praises UPM for its exemplary work in fighting climate change. Companies that do well in the index have proven that they are capable of responding to the challenges that the ever-growing responsibility for the environment brings about.

“Pioneering companies are those that actively invest in reducing emissions and openly communicate information about their environmental issues. The investments are also profitable from a financial viewpoint,” he says.
The A list of the CDP index includes a total of 187 companies. Corporate data has been compiled based on a request by 767 investors. The funds managed by this group amount to more than one third of all the investment capital in the world.

Text Vesa Puoskari

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