Office paper in high demand in Asia

19 March 2015

Office or copy paper is a growing industry in the Asia Pacific region. Customers value the combination of UPM quality and reliable service.

Xi´an Wenbo Science and Technology has been UPM’s office paper distributor in Xi´an, Central China, for the past 11 years. General Manager Liu Haibin values UPM products for their high quality and extensive range.
According to Liu, customers see UPM as a trustworthy supplier whose delivery reliability and quality are well established. Customers are increasingly requiring paper manufacturers to be environmentally ethical and responsible in their operations.

“UPM is increasingly flexible and active in responding to market changes and providing new solutions and means for problem solving,” Liu says.

Liu Haibin

Cooperation and quality

According to Zheng Rong, the General Manager of Zhenxingheng distributioncompany, long term cooperation with UPM has helped develop the company operations and management system. The company has sold UPM’s office papers for the past 16 plus years in Chengdu, Western China.

“Thanks to this cooperation, our knowledge of copy paper has significantly increased,” Zheng says.
He also values the high level of quality control in UPM.

“One of the most important aspects about the products is reliable quality in each delivery.”

Zheng Rong
Zheng Rong

Understanding the market situation

Paper product distribution company Wuxi Baiwen Paper has sold UPM’s office papers for 12 years in Wuxi, Eastern China. General Manager Hu Xinyuan says UPM’s operations have constantly improved over the years.

“UPM’s exhaustive market surveys and their understanding of the market situation are their definite strong points. UPM’s products and services are well suited to answer the market demand,” Hu says.

Hu Xin Yuan
Hu Xin Yuan

 Determined reliability

According to UPM Sales Vice President Jaakko Nikkilä, office paper is a growing industry for UPM in the Asia Pacific region. UPM started manufacturing these grades in the Changshu paper mill in China as early as 1999.

“We have had a long term focus on cut size growth. Our capacity has been gradually increased with a very determined approach while developing our products and services. Our customers are very familiar with UPM’s products, services and the way we operate,” Nikkilä says.

Competition is tough, as the production of office paper in Asia exceeds demand. The quality of local products has also improved.

“UPM’s reliable management of daily business operations gives us a competitive advantage. We provide consistent day-to-day service entity that best benefits our customers.”


Text: Matti Remes

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