UPM Changshu invests in cleaner air

4 February 2015

UPM Changshu has finalised an investment that will significantly reduce the plant’s already low emissions – a new combustion gas purification system.

The new purification system has been installed at the mill site to serve the two boiler plants of UPM Changshu.

The advanced purification system will significantly reduce the amount of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions released into the air.

Emission clearly below limits

The new system was implemented in September.

“China has introduced very strict new emission limits for thermal power plants. Thanks to the investment, our emissions will be clearly below the official limits,” says UPM Changshu Project Manager Wang Yue.

Wang Yue estimates that after the investment the amount of sulphur dioxide emissions will be reduced to about one tenth from previous emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions will be cut by half, which is clearly below the emission limits (sulphur dioxide 50mg/Nm³ and nitrogen oxide 100 mg/Nm³).

The two boilers at UPM Changshu’s combined heat and power plant use coal for fuel and produce steam and electricity for the mill site.

Text: Matti Remes

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