CASE RESPONSIBILITY: Opening UPM Biofore stations in Uruguay

29 April 2015

The “Palmares de Cuico” path was the first UPM Biofore station opened in Paysandú, Uruguay.

The site is a part of an agreement between UPM’s plantation company Forestal Oriental and the government of the Paysandú region to create and promote tourist areas. For visitors, the UPM Biofore Stations offer the possibility to come and enjoy the countryside as well as to familiarise themselves with eucalyptus plantations and environmental protection.

UruguayThe sites have been selected based on their potential tourist values. Some places have a beautiful landscape, some are home to rare species and plants, and others may have a cultural value.

The aim is to promote these areas alongside the region’s existing tourist services.

In the interests of ensuring safe and optimum enjoyment of the sites and facilities, Forestal Oriental has released advertisements and produced brochures, signs and visitor guides.

There are currently nine UPM Biofore stations under development in Río Negro, Paysandú, Tacuarembó and Florida.

UPM Biofore

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