Christmas is the time for good deeds – one person can encourage the whole community to act

Kaisu Lehtomaa
Kaisu Lehtomaa
Communication Manager, Media Relations, UPM
23 December 2014

Christmas is all about remembering your family and friends. At the same time, it can make us realise how thankful we should be for all the good things in our lives – and that there are those less fortunate than us. Even one person can have a huge impact: this year we have heard an exceptional number of stories about how one person’s idea has turned into a tidal wave of help.

Helping others is easy once you recognise the potential for good in yourself and others around you. For example, a work community can be an excellent platform for good deeds. UPM has contributed to charity all year, and even more enthusiastically just before Christmas.

This year our Group Head Office in Helsinki donated almost 120 Christmas gifts for children through the “Joulupuu” charity. The gifts will be given out to children in children’s homes, foster families and families that receive help from child welfare services. The charity is organised annually by JCI Central Park together with the Department of Social Services in Helsinki.

During the summer, we participated in a bicycle challenge to raise money for The Finnish Red Cross’s health-related programmes in developing countries. In Tampere, UPM Raflatac’s communication team collected and donated useful everyday items to mother and child homes and shelters together with Rotaract. The campaign was initiated by one of Raflatac’s employees.

Help is needed in many forms, both big and small. On a corporate level, UPM has decided to focus its support efforts on children and young people. So far, for example, we have supported the Finnish foundation Tukikummit, the upcoming children’s hospital and the Myrsky project organised by the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation.

Take a look around. I’m sure you will find people in need of help, as well as those who are willing to offer that help. Let’s work together!

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