Chasing the source of odour

7 April 2015

The local community around the UPM Kaukas integrate in Lappeenranta experienced odorous gases in 2014. According to studies, the main problem originated from the old malodorous gas boiler, which caused several unexpected burner shutdowns at the pulp mill.

To improve the situation, UPM invested EUR 1.5 million in a new burner for the recovery boiler in early 2014. However, the new installation alone did not solve the problem and the work continued.

During the heat wave in summer 2014, the situation worsened when a high pressure area stagnated air and remained over the region for several weeks. As a result, the malodorous gas problem has been the largest topic for which any UPM unit has received critical stakeholder feedback in 2014.

UPM has communicated actively locally and will keep on working to solve the problem by developing malodorous gas treatment at the mill.

“So far, we have discovered and repaired essential machinery breakdowns and problems in our operating systems. Then we further improved the collection and treatment systems of malodourous gases. We are also planning some additional investments to tackle random emissions into the malodorous gas treatment system,” describes environmental manager Minna Maunus-Tiihonen.

In 2015, UPM Kaukas will prepare a malodorous gases spreading model to examine the impact of the integrated mill as a whole on the local area.

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