UPM Plywood Bridges the Golden Horn

26 May 2014
UPM Plywood Bridges the Golden Horn in Istanbul

Dreams of bridging the Golden Horn in Istanbul go back centuries.

Leonardo da Vinci made drawings for a bridge across the Golden Horn in 1502, but it took the world hundreds of years to catch up with him, in this and many other areas.

Now four bridges span Golden Horn (Haliç), one of the most legendary bays in the world, with the newest joining historic old Istanbul to the city’s modern, European influenced districts.

The new Haliç Subway Bridge is an important part of an urban transport system expansion programme designed to cope with the city’s increasing traffic volumes and it contains two 950-metre subway tracks.

UPM Plywood can be trustedUPM Plywood Bridges the Golden Horn in Istanbul

The Haliç Subway Bridge is a combination of a cablestayed bridge, a swing bridge, as well as a 450-metre foreland bridge where UPM plywood was used for concrete formworks.

“We use UPM Plywood because it helps the customer trust us. We are confident that possible difficulties on site are minimised by the use of a reliable supplier like UPM Plywood,” says Ali Ismet Aydin, Regional Sales Manager at PERI and Sales Engineer for the bridge project.

“Project contractor Astaldi- Gülermak JV was very satisfied.”

Strength properties cannot be underestimated

PERI chose UPM Plywood for the project thanks to the ease with which it achieves strength properties when designing the statics of formwork.

“UPM plywood is a reliable material. It is also available with FSC certification and always comes with the appropriate guarantees,” continues Ali Ismet Aydin.

UPM Plywood introduced formwork plywood to the Turkish construction sector back in the 1970s and it has been the quality standard for many large scale projects since then. Among them over Golden Horn was the new Galata Bridge, completed in 1994. Then came the Haliç motorway expansion in 1998 and now the subway bridge.

“It gives me great pleasure to say that all modern bridges over Istanbul’s famous Golden Horn bay used UPM plywood,” says Onur Önal, Sales Manager at UPM Turkey.


Text Arttu Tolonen

Photography PERI

UPM Biofore

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