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24 March 2015
Spruce plywood

UPM’s spruce plywood is a versatile material that is used in various applications from building and construction to vehicle and furniture manufacturing.

Riku Härkönen, Product Manager of WISA-Spruce — Why is WISA-Spruce plywood so popular?

1. Light but strong

Spruce plywood weighs on average 450 kilogrammes per cubic metre, whereas a similar competing product such as South American pine plywood weighs over 100 kilogrammes more per cubic metre.

Spruce plywood panels are also extremely straight, meaning that they are easy to use: on a construction site the panels can be moved by one worker alone. This offers clear cost savings for the constructor.

Furthermore, in the right conditions, WISA-Spruce will remain unchanged for over 100 years.

2. Quality mark guarantees top quality

UPM was one of the first plywood manufacturers in Europe to use the CE mark on its structural plywood. The marking guarantees that the plywood is tested and reported in accordance with European product standards. As a European manufacturer, we know exactly what will be required of the product, so plywood distributors don’t have to worry about meeting the quality requirements.

3. Origin always known

WISA-Spruce is manufactured from spruce that has been harvested from natural forests. At UPM, we source our own wood, and, thus, know its origins.

Finnish legislation dictates that all forests should be managed and used responsibly, which guarantees the availability of raw material that has been grown sustainably. Responsibility is also demonstrated by the PEFC and FSC certificates.

4. Retaining carbon for hundreds of years

According to studies comparing the lifespan of different construction materials, a building made of wood impacts the environment less than similar buildings made from other materials. Most of the carbon contained in harvested trees remains in the wood products and is not released into the atmosphere. The plywood used in buildings and furniture will retain carbon for decades and even centuries.

5. Timely deliveries

Customers in the wood products industry want to avoid risks and secure constant material deliveries. Reliable deliveries are extremely important. If we promise to send a plywood shipment to a client on Friday, then we ship it on Friday, no matter what. We constantly measure our performance and strive to offer better services.

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