Until the end of its lifecycle

21 April 2015

UPM’s new product ELURIT is another excellent example of circular economy: how to prolong the lifecycle of raw materials by creating new and innovative products from waste. The product is made of fly ash that comes from the thermal recovery of the biogenic waste materials.

ELURIT is the result of research and development work conducted at the UPM Schongau mill in Germany. It can be used at the pulping and bleaching stages of the papermaking processes.

“We have discovered that the residual ash is an excellent product. It contains high levels of calcium and magnesium oxides that can be used to replace caustic soda. The use of fly ash will create important savings as caustic soda represents a significant cost in papermaking”, says Hanna Eklund, waste and chemicals manager at UPM.

In addition to protecting limestone resources, ELURIT will bring about other economic and environmental benefits since the use of fly ash significantly decreases landfill quantities and disposal costs. The new production process will also generate energy savings.

UPM Biofore

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