CASE PRODUCTS: Hamelin Group adopts EU Ecolabel for converted paper products

29 April 2015

The European Union has extended the scope of the EU Ecolabel to cover converted paper products. It is the very first official EU Ecolabel criteria created by an external consortium. Hamelin Group, together with UPM, played a key role in developing the new criteria.

Hamelin Group was the first UPM customer to adopt the EU Ecolabel for a wide range of its stationery products, such as notebooks and envelopes.

According to Virginie Ori, Director of Sustainable Development for Hamelin Group, the new criteria are an excellent opportunity to highlight the best practices of the company.

“Products with the EU Ecolabel have a reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production, use and recyclability of the product at the end of its life.”

“So we decided to certify all our products that fell within the scope of the criteria and even included the principles in our product ecodesign processes from a very early stage. Our customers expressed their interest in the demanding criteria, as they responded to their requirements,” she says.

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