About Biofore

Biofore is a new industry category UPM has created to describe the future of the company.

Bio stands for future orientation, sustainable solutions and good environmental performance. Fore stands for forest and the company’s position at the forefront of development.

Our success in being the Biofore Company and leading the industry is driven by innovation, dedication and sustainable operations. We look at the forest and our existing business with new eyes.

UPM integrates bio and forest industries. Putting Biofore in action means living Biofore – everyday.

About Biofore Magazine

Biofore Magazine brings forward possibilities and solutions of the bio and forest industries and raises interesting social topics. This globally published magazine reflects UPM’s bold renewal and offers interesting and even surprising perspectives on the future and on sustainable business.

A printed version of the magazine is published in Finnish, English, German and Chinese. In addition to the printed magazine we also publish a digital version. Biofore magazine is aimed at investors, customers, decision-makers, the media and UPM personnel.