The starting point for a reliable delivery is the capable sales person who sells the right product for the right place and a sales assistant team who takes care of it that the order will be put correctly into the systems.

2 August 2018

Functional children’s furniture made of Nordic wood is becoming a hit in China.

26 April 2018

Wood is a living and warm material. It smells good, feels good to touch, and it even has positive effects on our health.

22 February 2018
Sahatavara lähtee maailmalle Stevecon ja UPM:n pitkäaikaisella yhteistyöllä

The Finnish Kotka and Helsinki ports play a key role as UPM products from four sawmills are exported around the world.

21 July 2017

The municipality of Pudasjärvi in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland is leading the way in modern timber construction.

21 February 2017

UPM Timber’s sawn timber is used in many different applications depending on the needs of the customer. Large quantities of domestic certified timber are used in the log house industry.

6 October 2016

The Chinese furniture industry has opened up a new door for the export of Nordic sawn timber. The demand for Finnish timber has grown significantly, especially in the children’s furniture segment.

30 August 2016

Straight to work when school finishes and straight back to school after the work is done. Eetu Mastosalo spent all of last year hard at work

5 January 2016
Henna Vähätalo

Around a thousand Finnish young people are employed yearly to work at UPM saws, veneer, pulp and paper mills and offices. Henna Vanhatalo has worked for two summers at the UPM Korkeakoski saw mill.

29 December 2015
Metsä on nähtävä puilta

Pulp investments planned in Finland are set to significantly increase demand for wood by 2018 – in fact so much that supply from private forests will have to increase by ten million cubic metres per year.

11 June 2015