When the youngsters of UPM are asked to think of ways to improve safety, plenty of practical suggestions come about and even the corporate executive level listens.

13 December 2017
Annika Pajula

Annika Pajula came to UPM’s IT Services for Raflatac team as a summer worker last May, and she has continued in her absorbing IT job as a part-time employee. “I’m interested in usability, and my job has given me a good introduction to it.”

12 December 2017

Instead of polluting the Baltic Sea, nutrients could be put to work in biological effluent treatment. UPM is among the frontrunners switching to recycled nutrients in its wastewater processing.

8 June 2017

Looking for a job that never stays the same for two days in a row? Fond of changes and always ready to learn new things? You might be a good fit at UPM Finance! Let’s talk to some UPM Finance employees to learn more about the work.

18 April 2017

Arthur Rocha Palmeira from Brazil worked as a trainee at UPM Lappeenranta Research Centre in the summer of 2016. What did he think of the Finnish summer, Lappeenranta and working at UPM?

26 January 2017