Sunningdale Primary School

The City of Cape Town, in the Western Cape of South Africa, is currently experiencing the worse drought to affect the area in 100 years.

8 June 2018

One of the starting points for forestry operations is safeguarding the habitats of forest species. The easiest way to achieve this is to increase awareness of the habitat requirements and presence of the species.

22 May 2018

An ongoing process of human rights due diligence is a fundamental element of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

21 May 2018

UPM Raflatac’s project to extend a storage area and install a new coating line in the Wroclaw factory, Poland, involved a meticulous approach to safety right from the start.

27 April 2018

The decline in the reading skills of young people in Finland has been a major topic of discussion in recent years. One of the more positive cases to make the headlines has been UPM’s Words Matter project (Sanat haltuun in Finnish).

17 April 2018
Tougher than the rest

Families with children need decking that is up to the task in more ways than one. Not only must it be durable and low-maintenance, but it should also be cosy and easy on the eye.

27 March 2018

Today we are celebrating the World Water Day! We join the celebration with respect for this valuable, scarce resource.

22 March 2018
2030: Aasialainen kuluttaja paalupaikalla

By 2030, the focus of the global consumer marketplace will have shifted to Asia and the middle class of its growing cities. Products and services will become digital, but demand will also grow in another rising segment: renewable biomaterials.

20 March 2018
Noora Kokkonen

Beer enthusiasts not only appreciate a varied range of tastes in craft beers, but also an appealing package, starting with an eye-catching label.

6 March 2018
Aiming for improved air quality

Helsinki, Finland, is one of the world’s first urban regions to switch from regular fuels to 100% waste- and residue-based fuels in public transport by the year 2020.

2 March 2018