2030: Aasialainen kuluttaja paalupaikalla

By 2030, the focus of the global consumer marketplace will have shifted to Asia and the middle class of its growing cities. Products and services will become digital, but demand will also grow in another rising segment: renewable biomaterials.

20 March 2018
Helping to win the war on disease

The threat of infections and ‘super bugs’ have health-care facilities looking for ways and means to control infections while rationalizing costs. Environmentally sound pulp-based materials are helping them do just that.

12 January 2018
Graduates Aiming Higher

When I first read the job advert as a “Sales Trainee, Pulp” I didn’t think about all the challenges and adventures which would follow.

10 November 2017
Kymi recovery plant

UPM has four pulp mills that produce pulp from pine, spruce and birch in Finland and from eucalyptus in Uruguay. The mills also use the same wood to produce a significant amount of bioenergy.

10 October 2017

The recent report by CARU (Comisión Administradora del Río Uruguay) confirms that the UPM Fray Bentos mill fulfils the strictest environmental criteria and the operation of the pulp mill does not have an impact on the Uruguay River.

2 May 2017

The expansion of the UPM Kymi pulp mill strengthens UPM’s position on the growing pulp market. The investments also improve the efficiency of the entire mill integrate.

16 March 2017

The second UPM Future Professional apprenticeship programme, organised at UPM Kymi pulp and paper mill and Kaukas pulp mill, began on a sunny winter’s day at Vierumäki, near Lahti, just after the World Ski Championships.

8 March 2017

The majority of UPM’s pulp customers are growth-seeking industry leaders with a need for ever-increasing volumes of raw materials.

9 February 2017
Megatrends drive pulp demand

Pulp is a versatile raw material, and its demand is on a trajectory of constant growth, particularly in emerging markets. UPM has strengthened its foothold in these growing markets by investing in all its pulp mills.

2 February 2017

The primary role of packaging will always be to protect products. However, megatrends such as the quest for sustainability are reshaping the packaging industry.

16 November 2016