The decline in the reading skills of young people in Finland has been a major topic of discussion in recent years. One of the more positive cases to make the headlines has been UPM’s Words Matter project (Sanat haltuun in Finnish).

17 April 2018
UPM Kiina palkittu Top Employers China 2018 -sertifikaatilla

On December 4th, UPM China received the Top Employers 2018 certification for the sixth consecutive year.

7 December 2017
Saara Pakarinen

We’ve been celebrating the 100-year-old Finland during this fall by telling stories about the lives of past generations in Finland. When going over UPM’s history for the Finnish website (100+ vuotta mukana arjessa), I got to know incredible stories.

1 December 2017
Lilli Vuorela

Lilli Vuorela started as the first social welfare inspector for United Paper Mills and AB Walkiakoski in 1929, and she can be accredited for many developments in social responsibility in the history of our company.

30 November 2017
Graduates Aiming Higher

When I first read the job advert as a “Sales Trainee, Pulp” I didn’t think about all the challenges and adventures which would follow.

10 November 2017
Andrea Schummer and Samir Itani

UPM HR Service Center in Kraków, Poland, is a hub of 85 HR experts. Teams are divided by regions. German and Finnish teams are the largest ones, employing 15 to 20 people each. We met Andrea and Samir to ask about their work.

14 September 2017
Kati Huhtala

Kati Huhtala manages a family company with her sights set firmly on the future.

12 September 2017

The project supporting children’s after school sports clubs is a joint effort between communities, sports associations, schools and businesses to improve children’s well-being.

1 June 2017

One of UPM’s themes to support employees’ health and safety in 2016 was free-time accidents prevention. In one year, free-time accidents at UPM Plywood mills in Finland were reduced by half.

27 April 2017

In spring 2016, UPM launched the global One Safety system and tool for managing issues related to the environment, occupational health and safety and security. The tool is used at most UPM units.

26 April 2017