It is a Monday evening in a bookshop in Hamburg, where a side room is filling with eager listeners. Bookshop owner Stephanie Krawehl has selected two novels to present to her audience tonight.

23 April 2018

Values have changed and sustainability demands have increased in China, which is also evident in the copy paper market. Consumers used to choose products on the grounds of price and quality, but now they are also interested in responsible fibre.

23 January 2018
Dave Hensel

UPM Blandin is a sponsor of Treezy Does It, an online source for Minnesota K-12 teachers to go to for free, informative and interactive lessons about our forests, forest products and other topics of interest.

7 December 2017
Matkalla kohti tapaturmatonta turvallisuuskulttuuria

At UPM Paper ENA, the whole organisation is working towards the zero-accident culture. Without a solid safety record, all other achievements become meaningless.

26 September 2017
Stefanie Eichiner

Thanks to renewable raw material, a low carbon footprint and efficient recycling options, print media remains one of the most sustainable choices for mass communication. Paper also represents durable and emotional value for many people.

17 August 2017

Regular and occasional bloggers compete for readers. online. The Finnish magazine Kotiblogit (“Home Blogs”) offers a surprising alternative for bloggers: publishing blogs in print.

6 July 2017
UPM Paper

In today’s real-time, online world, customers demand speedy, transparent order fulfilment.

4 July 2017

The digital revolution is changing our world in dramatic ways, and paper logistics is no exception. UPM is an industry frontrunner in carrier connectivity.

29 May 2017

The construction of the UK’s largest solar park at Shotwick, Cheshire, adjacent to the UPM Shotton site, has brought yet another opportunity for UPM to deliver on its 2030 renewable energy target to reduce fossil CO2 emissions by 30%.

24 March 2017

The expansion of the UPM Kymi pulp mill strengthens UPM’s position on the growing pulp market. The investments also improve the efficiency of the entire mill integrate.

16 March 2017