It is a baking hot summer day in a recently logged forest. Your ears pick up the sound of screeching birds. Well, what do you know! That is the well-known call of the common swift.

10 July 2018

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace the age-old truth with all of their senses: Finland is covered in forest. So what does this mean?

24 July 2017
Forest management work should be ordered in good time

Hardly any forest management work is performed in winter, but the planning begins months before the actual season. Operations supervisors, who organise forestry work, get down to planning the next season in November or December at the very latest.

5 May 2017
Puukentän voimatekijät

Solid expertise and efficient machinery ensure an uninterrupted wood feed at pulp mills.

18 March 2017
Metsätyö on muutakin kuin puunkaatoa

Tomi Yli-Anttila considers the responsible handling of UPM projects from harvesting to transport a matter of honour.

16 March 2017
Tekopökkelöt ja kulotus houkuttelevat kovakuoriaisia

Experienced entomologist Erkki Laurinharju knows that beetle traps sometimes remain empty in commercial forests, but in UPM’s Harviala forests this has never happened during the 12 years of the current research project.

10 March 2017

For a forest customer representative, who is the link between forest owners and UPM, other UPM professionals, such as forest specialists, are just a phone call away.

10 December 2016
Safe visits at harvesting sitesmaalle

Moto operators would like to know when you are going to be at the harvesting site. Therefore you can find the operator’s phone number on the sign on the edge of the site and give him a call.

18 October 2016
UPM:n Joroisten taimitarhalla kasvatetaan myös hämeenkylmänkukkia

In September 2016, some pulsatilla patens seedlings from UPM’s tree nursery in Joroinen were planted in Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna. Pulsatilla patens is an endangered protected species and the regional flower of the Tavastia Proper region.

30 September 2016
UPM Metsäni

The UPM Metsäni app offers forest owners a free, fast and easy way to evaluate the value of their tree stock, tree species distribution and the volume and age distribution of their tree stock.

18 September 2016