UPM is committed to creating value from sustainable bioinnovations. Delivering renewable and responsible solutions is part of our Biofore strategy.

6 September 2018

Packaging has couple of basic – yet extremely important – tasks it must succeed in. First, it protects the product inside during transport, storage and sometimes even usage.

4 September 2018
UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery 2017

It was a great moment. The year is 2012 and UPM’s Board of Directors has just approved the proposal for investment for the Lappeenranta Biorefinery.

15 August 2018
2030: Aasialainen kuluttaja paalupaikalla

By 2030, the focus of the global consumer marketplace will have shifted to Asia and the middle class of its growing cities. Products and services will become digital, but demand will also grow in another rising segment: renewable biomaterials.

14 August 2018

All three finalists of the Innovation contest Wood U Make It Happen?, organised by the Finnish Forest Industries and Forest Product Engineers, come from Aalto University. The semi-finals of the contest were held at PulPaper 2018.

25 June 2018

Mika Timmerbacka and Noora Ristolainen are part of an important team in UPM. They take care that all patents and trademarks of UPM and its various businesses are in good order.

8 June 2018

The Biofore House hosted a very special guest on 18 April as 3D guru Terry Wohlers gave the keynote speech at the FIRPA (Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association) 20th anniversary conference 18 and 19 April and visited UPM as part of his programme in He

20 April 2018

Engineers and architects have often sought inspiration from nature’s own designs. Light weight and strong, natural structures have an elegance that is seldom found in man-made designs.

19 April 2018
Traceability makes medical supplies safer

Adhesive labels, in their many forms and uses, play a big role in the everyday life of hospitals and health centres everywhere.

12 April 2018
Tougher than the rest

Families with children need decking that is up to the task in more ways than one. Not only must it be durable and low-maintenance, but it should also be cosy and easy on the eye.

27 March 2018