Anne Särkilahti

UPM Energy offers a brand-new service by selling expertise to industrial scale electricity consumers.

10 January 2018

UPM Energy has launched an innovation challenge by recruiting leading teams in service design and data science to design novel digital user experiences and data exploration tools.

13 October 2017
Hydropower is superior as balancing power

The need for balancing power is increasing along with the use of renewable energy. UPM is investing in hydropower, the most effective and sustainable method of producing balancing power.

27 August 2015
Kaukas mill

The Kaukas mill site in Lappeenranta, Finland, has long been the stage for many significant events in Finland’s industrial history.

26 November 2014

Energy efficiency improvement is a continuous target for UPM and we keep our standards very high with regard it. The More with Biofore thinking is our starting point in energy efficiency, too.

7 October 2014

Improvements in production processes help UPM’s Steyrermühl mill in Austria save EUR 1.1 million a year. The mill has 14 projects in the works aimed at improving material efficiency.

8 April 2014