Aiming for improved air quality

Helsinki, Finland, is one of the world’s first urban regions to switch from regular fuels to 100% waste- and residue-based fuels in public transport by the year 2020.

2 March 2018

The innovation performance of a company is often measured by the number of new patent applications it files. Every year, UPM files approximately 360 patent applications across the world.

26 February 2018
From forest to tank – bioeconomy in practice

A bus is waiting in Helsinki for guests from Brussels.

5 October 2017

To fight climate change, the EU Commission presented a new legislative package in November proposing that CO2 emissions are cut by at least 40% by the year 2030.

15 June 2017

The biofuels industry is full of promise. New EU legislation, breakthrough technologies and increasing demand for biofuels and biomaterials in global markets are building solid foundations for the future development of the industry.

13 June 2017

Wood is a valuable raw material, and efforts have been made to ensure that every fibre is utilized as thoroughly as possible.

10 May 2017

UPM’s wood-based UPM BioVerno biofuel has been proven to reduce carbon dioxide and particle emissions in both urban and maritime transport.

11 April 2017

Both industry and consumers are keen to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil-based raw materials and move towards products that are manufactured from renewable materials with a minimal impact on the environment.

28 March 2017

With the marine industry striving to drive down emissions, recent tests promise a bright future in marine use for UPM BioVerno. UPM’s wood-based biofuel is also a good match with marine diesel engines.

22 March 2017
Lukukeskus, Helsinki, Hämeenkyrö 2016

As one of the biggest companies in Finland, UPM takes part in the centenary of independence events.

30 December 2016