UPM’s Biomedicals department fosters collaboration between corporations and universities in the field of biomedical innovation.

9 March 2018

The innovation performance of a company is often measured by the number of new patent applications it files. Every year, UPM files approximately 360 patent applications across the world.

26 February 2018
New applications of bioeconomy attract EcoPro visitors in Tokyo

A growing interest in environmental and social responsibility is clearly visible at EcoPro, one of the largest and most important environmental exhibitions in Japan.

8 December 2017

Both industry and consumers are keen to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil-based raw materials and move towards products that are manufactured from renewable materials with a minimal impact on the environment.

28 March 2017

This year, UPM Biochemicals had the honour to participate in a very interesting and important project. Together with five partners we sought for solutions to everyday challenges of cancer patients. The successful pilot project showed that Finland has

20 December 2016

Researchers at FIMM have been testing UPM’s GrowDex® hydrogel for 3D cell culture, and the preliminary results of the joint research project seem promising

12 December 2016

UPM delights biomedical researchers with GrowDex nanocellulose gel. The medium is an excellent choice for growing human cells.

24 August 2016
UPM’s GrowDex® hydrogel wins an innovation award by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland

UPM’s GrowDex® cellulose nanofibril hydrogel was recognized as a significant innovation with great future potential by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland.

2 May 2016

Lappeenranta is home to UPM’s largest product development unit. The facility specializes in developing the production processes and properties of fibre-based raw materials, paper, pulp, biofuels and biochemicals.

13 October 2015

UPM’s ValChem project has received EUR 13.1 million funding from the European Union. The total budget of the project is around EUR 18.5 million.

12 October 2015