Saara Pakarinen

We’ve been celebrating the 100-year-old Finland during this fall by telling stories about the lives of past generations in Finland. When going over UPM’s history for the Finnish website (100+ vuotta mukana arjessa), I got to know incredible stories.

1 December 2017
Graduates Aiming Higher

When I first read the job advert as a “Sales Trainee, Pulp” I didn’t think about all the challenges and adventures which would follow.

10 November 2017
My travels with the Biofore Car

My journey with the Biofore Concept Car began back in 2010 when design work for the vehicle was started at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I was still a student at that time and I joined the project as soon as it was offered to us.

26 October 2017

Companies do not operate in a realm separated from society and the rest of the world. Businesses are constantly interacting with customers, authorities and other parties operating in the field.

13 October 2017
Kymi recovery plant

UPM has four pulp mills that produce pulp from pine, spruce and birch in Finland and from eucalyptus in Uruguay. The mills also use the same wood to produce a significant amount of bioenergy.

10 October 2017
From forest to tank – bioeconomy in practice

A bus is waiting in Helsinki for guests from Brussels.

5 October 2017

This year, Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence. During those 100 years the world and the role companies play in it have changed a lot.

8 September 2017
The traditional Rauma Lace Week captivated by the Bio Era truck

The sunshine tickles my cheeks as I make my way through the cobbled streets. I can see the Bio Era truck, a new kind of a science centre exhibition in the oh so traditional environment of Old Rauma.

15 August 2017

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace the age-old truth with all of their senses: Finland is covered in forest. So what does this mean?

24 July 2017
Kohti biotulevaisuutta Bioaika-startissa Helsingissä

Scan the code and read more about the latest bioinnovations. Or decide whether the story behind the news is good, or then not! These and many other showpieces were premiered at the Bio Era launch in Helsinki on Monday, 5 − 6 June.

21 June 2017