The traditional Rauma Lace Week captivated by the Bio Era truck

The sunshine tickles my cheeks as I make my way through the cobbled streets. I can see the Bio Era truck, a new kind of a science centre exhibition in the oh so traditional environment of Old Rauma.

15 August 2017

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace the age-old truth with all of their senses: Finland is covered in forest. So what does this mean?

24 July 2017
Kohti biotulevaisuutta Bioaika-startissa Helsingissä

Scan the code and read more about the latest bioinnovations. Or decide whether the story behind the news is good, or then not! These and many other showpieces were premiered at the Bio Era launch in Helsinki on Monday, 5 − 6 June.

21 June 2017

UPM has published a global partnership agreement with FSC. Entering into a partnership agreement is a logical step for UPM as it strives to develop and promote the standardisation of the industry as well as best and responsible forestry practice.

17 May 2017

Wood is a valuable raw material, and efforts have been made to ensure that every fibre is utilized as thoroughly as possible.

10 May 2017
Retention trees landscape

At UPM, we monitor the quality of forestry operations in various ways. Every year, we check the quality of the work at thousands of individual harvesting and forestry work sites.

16 February 2017

The Declaration of Christmas Peace is a Finnish tradition that is often also extended to game. In many regions, hunters gather by the campfire shortly before Christmas to bring festive greetings to the game.

21 December 2016

This year, UPM Biochemicals had the honour to participate in a very interesting and important project. Together with five partners we sought for solutions to everyday challenges of cancer patients. The successful pilot project showed that Finland has

20 December 2016
A smart way to use land

National environmental legislation in Finland was reformed 20 years ago. During this reform, the Forest Act was amended with the new objective of safeguarding biodiversity.

8 December 2016

Forests provide us with an immense scale of opportunities, greater than ever before. In order to make the most out of these opportunities, we need to be active, innovative and resourceful – together.

29 November 2016