It’s time to start the UPM Annual General Meeting liveblog! We’ll keep you updated through the day.

4 April 2018

Today we are celebrating the World Water Day! We join the celebration with respect for this valuable, scarce resource.

22 March 2018
Ninni pasanen

What is good customer service? This is a question I asked myself, when starting in my new role as a graduate in Technical Customer Service of UPM’s Pulp Sales.

19 March 2018

It is an early morning in Wrocław, Poland. I am a Finnish Bioforce Graduate who moved here a couple of weeks ago for a UPM Raflatac traineeship module of four months.

13 February 2018

In addition to legislation, the use of forests in Finland is regulated by various voluntary systems. Forest certification is the most significant one. Approximately 85% of Finland’s forests are FSC® or PEFC™ certified. This proportion represents one

29 January 2018

Since I started in the UPM Bioforce Graduate Trainee Programme, I have noticed one word popping out here and there in various contexts: change.

18 January 2018

Forest certification is an important part of UPM’s corporate responsibility. All UPM forests and plantation operations are certified according to the FSC® and/or PEFC™ certification schemes.

8 January 2018
Saara Pakarinen

We’ve been celebrating the 100-year-old Finland during this fall by telling stories about the lives of past generations in Finland. When going over UPM’s history for the Finnish website (100+ vuotta mukana arjessa), I got to know incredible stories.

1 December 2017
Graduates Aiming Higher

When I first read the job advert as a “Sales Trainee, Pulp” I didn’t think about all the challenges and adventures which would follow.

10 November 2017
My travels with the Biofore Car

My journey with the Biofore Concept Car began back in 2010 when design work for the vehicle was started at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I was still a student at that time and I joined the project as soon as it was offered to us.

26 October 2017