Stefanie Eichiner

Thanks to renewable raw material, a low carbon footprint and efficient recycling options, print media remains one of the most sustainable choices for mass communication. Paper also represents durable and emotional value for many people.

17 August 2017
Uudelleenmetsitys elvyttää Jaguari-joen vesistön Brasiliassa

After 200 years of extensive farming, the river basin ecosystem in Jaguariúna, São Paulo, was in danger. The riparian forest around the Jaguari River was devastated and the river flowed dirty.

26 July 2017
Sahatavara lähtee maailmalle Stevecon ja UPM:n pitkäaikaisella yhteistyöllä

The Finnish Kotka and Helsinki ports play a key role as UPM products from four sawmills are exported around the world.

21 July 2017
Lukutaito avartaa maailmaa

A Words Matter literacy workshop was held at Jämsä College at the end of May. Participants studied how the meaning of a message changes depending on who sends and who receives it. After completing the workshop, the students also received information

19 July 2017
Zero Solid Waste -projekti etenee – ei enää kiinteää kaatopaikkajätettä UPM:n Suomen Vaneri- ja Sahaliiketoiminnoista

UPM Plywood and UPM Timber in Finland are the first businesses to have reached the tight recycling target set by the Zero Solid Waste project. The company aims to send zero waste to landfill operations globally by 2030.

17 July 2017
UPM Tea House

Biofore Tea House delighted visitors during the Design Shanghai event in the spring. The peaceful and harmonious space blended ancient Chinese tea traditions with modern design, showcasing the most imaginative uses of UPM’s design materials.

13 July 2017

Renovation of one summer cottage in the archipelago had two major objectives; the new interior surfaces needed to blend seamlessly into the old, and the interior had to fit in with the gorgeous view beyond the large windows.

11 July 2017

Regular and occasional bloggers compete for readers. online. The Finnish magazine Kotiblogit (“Home Blogs”) offers a surprising alternative for bloggers: publishing blogs in print.

6 July 2017
UPM Paper

In today’s real-time, online world, customers demand speedy, transparent order fulfilment.

4 July 2017

A visit to the Verla groundwood and board mill museum is like travelling back in time to the late 19th century.

27 June 2017