WISA BioBond marks the beginning of a new era in plywood production. While maintaining the excellent characteristics of WISA plywood products, UPM Plywood’s bonding innovation largely replaces oil-based phenol with environmentally sustainable lignin.

17 January 2018
Helping to win the war on disease

The threat of infections and ‘super bugs’ have health-care facilities looking for ways and means to control infections while rationalizing costs. Environmentally sound pulp-based materials are helping them do just that.

12 January 2018
UPM recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in China

UPM has been recognised as the Water Efficiency Frontrunner in Jiangsu Province and China at large.

11 January 2018
Anne Särkilahti

UPM Energy offers a brand-new service by selling expertise to industrial scale electricity consumers.

10 January 2018

Forest certification is an important part of UPM’s corporate responsibility. All UPM forests and plantation operations are certified according to the FSC® and/or PEFC™ certification schemes.

8 January 2018

In December 2014, UPM’s President and CEO Jussi Pesonen WASH Pledge to ensure that UPM is a safe and healthy workplace, where our employees have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene on all premises under UPM’s direct control.

20 December 2017

When the youngsters of UPM are asked to think of ways to improve safety, plenty of practical suggestions come about and even the corporate executive level listens.

13 December 2017
Annika Pajula

Annika Pajula came to UPM’s IT Services for Raflatac team as a summer worker last May, and she has continued in her absorbing IT job as a part-time employee. “I’m interested in usability, and my job has given me a good introduction to it.”

12 December 2017
New applications of bioeconomy attract EcoPro visitors in Tokyo

A growing interest in environmental and social responsibility is clearly visible at EcoPro, one of the largest and most important environmental exhibitions in Japan.

8 December 2017
UPM Kiina palkittu Top Employers China 2018 -sertifikaatilla

On December 4th, UPM China received the Top Employers 2018 certification for the sixth consecutive year.

7 December 2017