The UN Global Compact – moving forward in sustainability and creating value to all parties

The UN Global Compact initiative is a global forum where companies and stakeholders collaborate to create a sustainable world. UPM has been a member of the initiative since 2003.

19 September 2017
Andrea Schummer and Samir Itani

UPM HR Service Center in Kraków, Poland, is a hub of 85 HR experts. Teams are divided by regions. German and Finnish teams are the largest ones, employing 15 to 20 people each. We met Andrea and Samir to ask about their work.

14 September 2017
Kati Huhtala

Kati Huhtala manages a family company with her sights set firmly on the future.

12 September 2017

This year, Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence. During those 100 years the world and the role companies play in it have changed a lot.

8 September 2017
Sirpa Juutinen

In a rapidly changing world, companies consider even more carefully how to create added value also in the future.

30 August 2017
Piano Pavillion

Since its launch in 2007, UPM ProFi has been making summer life even better. The weather may not actually have improved, and yet outdoor decking has never looked so good.

24 August 2017
Stefanie Eichiner

Thanks to renewable raw material, a low carbon footprint and efficient recycling options, print media remains one of the most sustainable choices for mass communication. Paper also represents durable and emotional value for many people.

17 August 2017
The traditional Rauma Lace Week captivated by the Bio Era truck

The sunshine tickles my cheeks as I make my way through the cobbled streets. I can see the Bio Era truck, a new kind of a science centre exhibition in the oh so traditional environment of Old Rauma.

15 August 2017
Uudelleenmetsitys elvyttää Jaguari-joen vesistön Brasiliassa

After 200 years of extensive farming, the river basin ecosystem in Jaguariúna, São Paulo, was in danger. The riparian forest around the Jaguari River was devastated and the river flowed dirty.

26 July 2017

The urban see them through the window of a plane. The brave dare to wander beyond the asphalt and embrace the age-old truth with all of their senses: Finland is covered in forest. So what does this mean?

24 July 2017